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HODS Boutique, Artistic Director, Stuart W-De Jour

Artistic Director

Stuart W-De Jour

When did you first start grooming?

I started grooming at a taster day in 2012 to gain a new hobby for myself, learning quickly and developing a true passion for it, growing rapidly once qualified to what would now become my sole income.

What is your favourite grooming product?

One of my favourite grooming products would be the Veterinary Formula, a multi-purpose product that is one of my grooming essentials. It helps to act as a heat defence when blow-drying, adds shine and texture to any coat, eases off skin irritation, cleanses sore spots especially ears, neck and paws. Fast drying and not to mention smells divine.

What advise would you give to a fellow dog owner?

Advise and sharing ideas are always encouraged as a dog owner, one of the many questions I get asked a lot is about coat matting. Dependant on the breed and coat type, every dog whether short haired, wooly, coarse, smooth or wired, every dog must get brushed, combed or stripped. Starting this from a young age and enforcing it as a habit and routine of yours to do it every day or two, you are more likely to do it and your dog is far less likely to incur matting (smooth breeds do not matt, but still regular combing/stripping can remove dead hair and skin. 


How does House of Dogs Boutique shine above other grooming salons?

We treat our clients the same way we would like to be treated, we offer a variety of treatments that are tailored for individual needs and requirements with your canine companion in mind at all times, by our qualified and expert stylist's.

Our Boutique is bursting with local talent and speciality pieces, hand knitted bedding, stunningly carved bed frames, neckerchiefs and our own range of blankets and biscuits. Each season a new style, every season something ever more fabulous.

Telephone: 01905 731645
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